Safety Gear

We want all skaters to be safe on the track!  Good safety gear is essential to keeping our derby girls safe.  Below are descriptions of each piece of gear that skaters are required to have in order to safely play derby.


Rolling Rockstar. Picture taken by Jenifer Morris

  • Helmet: Helmets are vital for the safety of the skater and as a preventative tool for possible concussions. We suggest outfitting your child with hard foam lined, multi-impact CPSC/ASTM helmet.
  • Wrist guards: We suggest wrist guards with splints on both sides in order to best protect your child’s hands and wrists. These should be inspected frequently.
  • Knee pads: Knee pads should also fit snug on the skater. Gaskets can also be used to minimize pain and to keep pads from sliding. Check knee pads regularly to make sure they have not worn out.  Signs that knee pads need to be replaced include cracks, rips and exposed rivets.
  • Elbow pads: Elbow pads, like knee pads, should also fit snug on the skater’s arms.
  • Mouth guard: Good mouth guards are another way to prevent head and mouth injuries. Typical roller derby mouth guards are often also used for football and can be boiled and molded. If your child wears braces, a non-molded mouth guard may be optimal.
  • Skates: Skate may not be inline skates, must be quad (i.e. 4-wheels).
  • Sneakers: Your child should have a good pair of sneakers for any off-skates training during practice.

Caring for Gear:

It is important that gear is aired out, washed, or sprayed with a disinfectant spray after each practice.  Not only does gear start to have an odor, it can carry bacteria.

Where to Get Your Gear:

Bruised Boutique: 210 Daniel Webster Highway, Nashua NH (603) 821-1311


Turn Two Skate Shop: 643 Forest Ave, Portland, ME             (207) 699-4499

Spank Alley Skate Shop: 59 South Main Street, Concord, NH (978) ALLEY-54

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